A small town in northern Thaemor, Velika is known primarily for having a high concentration of people with psychic abilities. Labeled locally as Mystics, approximately 25% of the population is capable these powers, although they manifest themselves in different ways and in varying degrees of strength. The people of Velika attribute this to their religious rituals, which each villager must undergo as a coming-of-age trial.

The first ritual is known as the ritual of Inner Sanctity. This ritual requires the person to establish the boundaries between their consciousness and those around them, as well as cleanse their physical body through fasting.

The second ritual, known as the ritual of Inner Focus, requires the person to be separated from all outside contact for an entire week. During this time, the person focuses on strengthening their inner being, understanding and accepting the depths of their true selves. Those that complete this trial are said to achieve inner peace.

The third and final is known as the ritual of Inner Release, during which the person gives up their completed self and receives a blessing from Aurturi. It is during this ritual that a person’s psychic abilities, if any, manifest themselves. These three rituals together are known as the rituals of Inner Restoration.

Due to the large number of individuals with psychic abilities, the Gakuen Academy for Gifted Children was established in Velika to instruct these people on how to use their abilities, and to prevent their abuse. The Headmaster of the academy also acts as the elder of the town, making important decisions on the people’s behalf. He also acts as judge, jury, and executioner for those who would commit crimes within its borders.

Notable People:
Bassam Tiras

Gakuen Academy for Gifted Children
Queen Starloscet’s Tomb


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