Originally a small, dusty, mountain town known for its abundance of pickpockets, thieves, and deadbeats, Legrash has recently changed into a temporary home for many of the pilgrims from the Wandering Walk. Because of its status as the sole center of civilization on the Tremble Pass, the pilgrims have begun working towards cleaning up the town and renovating older structures in order to make the passage through the Black Riage more hospitable.

In addition, a new religious figure preaching the Way of Lloyd has begun to inspire the local villagers. Going by the name of Pollen, he has demonstrated incredible abilities said to have been bestowed upon him by the diety Lloyd, and has used his power to convince the villagers to follow him. Luckily, much of his teachings have corresponded with the attitude the pilgrims have taken towards the town, so the renovations have gone much more quickly than anyone could have expected.

Legrash boasts a small population of about 200 people, although the town is growing by the day thanks to the pilgrims arriving from the Steadfast. The town contains two taverns, the Pitchfork and the Rusty Nail, that act as gathering places for the villagers. Most of them are miners, working the deep mine shafts of the Black Riage for raw materials to trade with passing merchants, since Legrash has few permanent shops. The village has no governing body and any disputes are handled by the parties involved.

Notable People:

Temple of Lloyd


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