Cylion Basin

One of the first towns that many people visit in the Beyond, Cylion Basin is a small desert town with a very unique landmark. Lining the central street of Cylion Basin are a series of six colored pools of liquid, each one capable of curing various ailments. The locals bathe openly in the pools, and children and elderly alike spend hours during the day in their restorative waters.

Visiting merchants and pilgrims will frequently take bottles of the liquid to sell, not realizing that the liquid loses all healing properties once removed from the pools. Because of this, Cylion Basin has received a reputation as being full of snake oil peddlers and false doctors. Unfortunately, the reputation is also somewhat deserved, as the town is full of actual snake oil peddlers and false doctors who prey on the weak and injured that make it through Tremble Pass.

Notable People:

Healing Pools

Cylion Basin

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