Jonathan's Numenera Game

A Light to Lead the Way

When Leanna next wakes up, she finds herself floating in a strange place, with a single path of light leading out in front of her, and endless darkness radiating from every other direction. She tries to step onto the path of light, only to realize that she has no feeling in the bottom of her feet, or any other part of her body for that matter. Still, with no where else to go, Leanna begins walking down the path, hoping to find out what lies ahead. Her internal sense of time does her little good in this place, and after an eternity of walking, the single path of light turns into three divergent ones. One path, shining with a bright white light, leading off to the left, another shadowy path extending out in front of her, and a third path covered in fog and mist heading to the right. She decides to explore each path individually, and as she turns towards the path to her left, something deep inside her instinctively recognizes it as it as the Path of Light and Blood.

After a few steps, Leanna is confronted with a strange vision that appears to be projected onto a wall, floating in the middle of the path. The vision shows a landscape of utter destruction – a crumbling fortress city in the background, with choking black smoke pouring out of the burning buildings inside, and mountains of bodies piled up outside the broken city walls. As Leanna looks at the scene, she can almost feel the smoke fill her lungs, and an intense feeling of anger begins to well up inside of her. Still, she walks into the vision, passing through the wall, and continues down the path undeterred.

The next vision she sees down the path is of a woman who appears to be talking with her. The woman hovers several inches above the floor, and her skin glows with a pale light. She appears to be in her late twenties, dressed in a crimson and black dress complete with corset and hoop skirt, and her large, golden curls of hair easily reach to her waist. Although Leanna cannot hear the words of their conversation, the woman gives off an aura of dominance, and she can feel the condescending tone of her voice. Leanna becomes increasingly angry, and despite the woman’s derisive demeanor, feels a sense of camaraderie and familiarity with her. She continues down the path, unsure of what could lie ahead.

The third vision shows Leanna and the woman standing in the middle of a battlefield, the ground underneath their feet soaked with blood. Scattered bodies are visible even to the horizon, and several large swathes of scorched earth gouge the landscape. The sun has swelled to several times its normal size, and although the heat it gives off would be unbearable to a normal human being, Leanna and the woman barely seem to notice. As the vision shows the two slowly walking through the battlefield, Leanna begins feeling an uncontrollable sense of elation and excitement, even as her disgust towards the mangled bodies around her grows. She walks through the vision feeling sick to her stomach, but with a strange, twisted grin on her face.

A fourth vision stands in front of Leanna, surprising her with the fates of her traveling companions, Delin, Ignus, and Lloyd. The signs of a fierce battle are obvious, and it appears that the three of them were fighting against her. Still, a battered and bloody Leanna stands victorious, and the other combatants lay in front of her in various states of defeat – Lloyd, burned to a crisp and barely recognizable, Delin, run through with dozens of spears composed of a radiant white light, and Ignus, breathing but unconscious, limbs bound together with hoops of light meant to restrain, not injure. As she looks at Ignus’ bloodied and scarred body, a sense of longing overwhelms Leanna, and she calls out to him, knowing fully that her voice will not reach. Still, she continues on down the path, afraid of what could lie further beyond.

As the path reaches its end, Leanna is faced with a massive mural, done in the style of a vibrant and exquisitely detailed oil painting. The mural displays Leanna and the woman hovering several hundred feet above the ground, and looking out over the horizon. Dozens of smoking craters pockmark the earth, and large white fires dot the landscape, burning everything in their path. A dejected ignus hovers by her side, still bound with rings of light, and unable to do anything but watch hopelessly as the two continue their destructive rampage. Leanna sticks her hand through the mural, and finds that it passes through effortlessly, leaving a ripple in the mural. When she retracts it, she finds it covered in blood, and the scent of burning flesh and charred metal fills her nostrils. Although the red color vanishes after a few seconds, the sticky feeling of blood between her fingers remains, keeping her from being able to forget.

Leanna turns around, refusing to acknowledge the mural, and walks back down the path to where she started.


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