Jonathan's Numenera Game

You Want to Kidnap Who?!

The party goes to visit the woman in the hospital that Delin rescued, only to be informed that she is currently not accepting visitors, and that her bodyguards have arrived to retrieve her. Ignus appeals to her sense of justice, stating that although she is not interested in an audience, she is a key witness in the recent murders, and that he and his party are under orders by Constable Frei to bring the murderer in. Although she hesitates, she says to the party that she will cooperate with them, and tells them at the woman they brought is in Dara Qualue, the widow of Count Qualue whose body was found three weeks ago under the Goodman’s Bridge.

Delin and Ignus move up to the second floor, where there were told the woman would be, only to find that the door to her room was locked and that her bodyguards were preventing anyone from entering. Delin immediately tries to break down the door with his head and is thrown against the ground by a more level-headed Ignus, leaving a head-sized dent in the floor.While Ignus searches for anyone capable of unlocking the room, Leanna stays near the receptionist and asks for any way to numb the pain from the parasite attached to her back. She is informed that although her operation resulted in many interesting research questions, the hospital is under no obligation to provide her with additional treatment. Despite her protests, the receptionist refuses to budge, and Leanna moves up to the second floor to join the rest of the party.

Ignus manages to find a key to widow Qualue’s room with little effort, and unlocks the door to find a very angry Drune and his companion, as well as the woman they rescued sitting upright in a wheelchair. Drune immediately recognizes Ignus, and pulls out his greatsword to attack. Leanna makes the first move, firing a beam of light at Drune’s companion. Drune yells at him, “Drast! You get her! I’ll handle the others!” The woman starts screaming, as Drune moves to the doorway to block the party from entering. However, Delin shoves him back, and Drune is forced into the middle of the room.

The party enters the room, as ignus starts swinging his greataxe and Delin begins flying towards Drune and Drast, hoping to catching them off guard. Drast draws two small blades from his belt and flings them at Leanna. Although she manages to dodge the first one, the second grazes her arm, and a black liquid begins spreading from the wound and numbing her arm. Drune and Ignus continue their duel, as Delin bounces around the room, head-butting Drast in the side. Undeterred by the poison in her arm, Leanna continues blasting Drast with her Onslaught. Ignus moves around Drune as Ignus stands between them to prevent him from chasing, and brings his great-axe down on Drast, leaving him on the floor in a puddle of his own blood. As Leanna blinds Drune with her light, Delin and Ignus move to either side of him and strike him down, ending the skirmish in the hospital room.

The woman begins crying and tries to wheel herself away from the party, but they trap her in the hospital room and began talking to her about how the two men they just attacked were trying to kill her. She tried to explain between sobs that they were here trusted bodyguards, and that they were there to protect her. Clearly undeterred by this information, the party continues to try to talk to her, even though she is clearly upset by their presence. Finally, they decide to knock her out and take her back to Magellan’s Estate, where they hope to have more time to convince her of the the danger that they supposedly saved her from. Delin knocks her out and throws her over his shoulder, while Ignus and Leanna break the window and leap down from the second floor. They move quickly to the Estate to prepare Dorial to receive their new guest, while Delin leaps down and returns to the mansion a different way to throw them off their trail.

Ignus and Leanna make it back to the Estate undisturbed, and while Dorial is clearly upset by their story, he hopes to learn more about why they kidnapped Data Qualue when she arrives. However, after thirty minutes of waiting for Delin, it becomes clear that something has happened to him on his way from the hospital, and they go back to investigate.


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