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Delver of Secrets

The party gets an early start the next day, knowing that it is the last day they have to clear Delin’s name and determine the true identity of the killer. Not wanting to repeat their past experiences within the labyrinth, Ignus and Delin stock up on chalk with the intention to mark their progress through the pipes. Once the preparations are complete, the party moves to the hidden panel under Goodman’s bridge, where the twelve guards Ignus requested keep watch stand vigilant.

The party climbs through the hidden panel, and descends down the ladder into the pipe complex. The first hour goes relatively smoothly as they travel through familiar ground. The next finds the party at a pipe with a strange, decrepit control panel built into the side. Leanna gingerly runs her fingers along the panel, feeling the circuits. Despite her best efforts however, she cannot discern its purpose. Delin pushes Leanna out of the way and jams his fingers against the buttons, only to find that the panel itself is unpowered. Ignus strikes the glassy panel, shattering it, and collects a few shins off the now destroyed panel for his trouble.

After another hour of traveling, the party reaches a T Junction in the tunnels. Towards the right is a green glow and the sound of metal scraping against metal. Towards the left is darkness, and further descent into the pipes. Delin sneaks up towards the junction and lets loose a dagger against the opposite wall, attracting the attention of the Disassembler.

Ignus requests permission to pass from it, but the Disassembler responds by holding out two of its talons and grasping at the air. Leanna attempts to communicate with it and performs a similar grasping motion with her hands. As the Disassembler hovers closer towards the Chakram hanging on Leanna’s belt however, Leanna lets loose a beam of light from her fingers towards the machine. Not one to die without a trophy, the Disassember deconstructs Ignus’ great axe into fuel for itself before the party manages to take it down. The party notices that the tunnel from which the machine came is incredibly hot, and decides to walk towards the other side of the T Junction.

After another hour of walking, the party comes to a corroded hole in the pipes. From the hole, they see a rusted catwalk, barely able to withstand the weight of three humans. On the other side of the catwalk is an entrance, covered with a brackish film, that leads into a large metal cylinder spiraling down. Beneath the catwalk itself is an enormous cavern filled with odd devices and vats filled with creatures of unknown origin, and a single, massive, entity. In addition, the party can see rows upon rows of what appear to be generators, putting off immense amounts of heat and dimly lighting the cavern. Delin prods the film with his dagger, which passes easily through. He then throws himself against the film and crosses uneventfully to the other side where there is a ladder leading towards the base of the cavern.

The party follow Delin across the catwalk and into the cylinder containing the ladder. As Delin climbs down the ladder, the massie creature at the bottom of the cavern uncoils and slithers towards the ladder. Delin lets go and slowly hovers towards the ground, as ignus grabs the ladder and quickly slides down as far as possible. The creature raises its head up to ignus, seventy feet above the bottom of the cavern and begins speaking in several languages as Ignus retreats in fear. Finally, the party understands the creature say, “Why are you here?”, in a monotonous, metallic voice. Ignus responds by saying that they mean it no harm, but the creature simply laughs to itself and responds that they most likely couldn’t harm it if they tried, and that it senses one of its children with them. At this point, the party senses that the creature is not hostile, and moves down to the bottom of the cavern to speak with it. As they do, they get a better look at it – a gargantuan purple snake with dozens of tentacles around its neck, each wielding a different tool.

The creature introduces itself as Devola, and speaks to Leanna about how she is currently the host of one of its children. Leanna asks the creature if there is a way to remove it from her back without killing her, and Devola contemplates for a minute before responding. She responds that she is willing to remove her offspring from Leanna’s back, but that she requires several components. The first is a sophisticated chemical compound known as gharolan, which is typically found in deep-sea thermal vents. The compound is required in order for Leanna to survive the procedure – without it, her chances of survival are zero. The second component that she needs is an ancient numenera device called the Impossible Blade, which the party has already heard about from the fortuneteller Salazia.

Finally, Devola requires payment from the party in return. She tells them of a tower that has been recently constructed in Navarene. The tower acts as a communication device for a race of bird-like abhumans that have been expanding in the area. Devola explains that their continued growth is a threat to her and her offspring, and that although she doesn’t expect the party to be able to stop the abhumans from expanding, she expects them to at least slow them down. Looking at Leanna, she notes that she most likely only has a few months left before the parasite embedded in her spine finishes consuming her, so it would be in her best interests to complete the tasks she has laid out quickly. In order to help them, Devola shows them the location of a cache, the resting place of several adventurers who were not as fortunate as they, and bids them farewell.

The party makes their way towards the entrance of the labyrinth, growing more desperate as they had yet to discover the identity of the true murderer. Leanna leaves and goes back to Frei in an attempt to buy them more time by explaining the wonders of the deep underground maze of pipes, while Delin and Ignus scour the entrance for any sign of the creature that had attacked them. Finally, they manage to find a few tiny scales embedded in the ground, and follow its trail until they find the purple and green snake they were searching for. They recognize that the creature is berserk with hunger, and move to dispatch it before it can eat them. Although Delin manages to avoid the creature’s attacks, Ignus gets caught while trying to move away from it, and it bites down hard on his neck, disabling him. Delin cuts the creature open while it tries to eat ignus, freeing him and leaving a mutilated corpse on the ground.

The two grab the corpse and return to the entrance, where they find Leanna, Frei, and several guards. Bloodied and covered in bite marks, Ignus explains that the creature they killed is the true culprit behind the murders, and that the wounds he received fighting it should match the wounds the victims received exactly. The party goes to Jyrek Central Hospital to have a record of Ignus’ wounds written down, and to have the creature examined by their researchers.


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