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And the Killer is...

As Delin runs from the hospital to Magellan’s Estate, he towards the Goodman’s bridge in order to cross over to the Silver District. Although he runs to a relatively out of the way section of the river with plans to quietly swim across it, he runs head first into guards who were on patrol around the river. Thinking quickly, he covers his face and runs head-first into the guards, scrambles down the shore, and leaps into the river with Qualue on his back. However, the river current quickly becomes too strong for him to cross with someone on his back, and he returns to the shoreline where he find the guards waiting to take him into custody.

Delin is taken to a jail on the east side of Jyrek, and questioned by Constable Frei, who claims to now have indisputable evidence that Delin is the one behind the recent series of murders. Given that he was caught in the middle of kidnapping a noble and taking her body to the river under the Goodman’s Bridge, Delin agrees that it certainly looks bad. Frei continues by saying that the bodyguards that Qualue employed were found brutally killed in her hospital room, and that their bodies had been beaten and mutiliated, even after they had died. Delin tries to explain the story from his side, and although he gives Frei the full account of what had transpired since the previous day, Frei responds by saying that the widow Qualue’s words hold far more power than his, and that without solid evidence against her testimony, he will surely be convicted.

Frei agrees to allow Delin one last chance to clear his name and find the murderer. He sets Delin free with the condition that if he has not found evidence clearing his name in two days, he’ll be brought in for execution. Delin leaves the jail and walks towards the Goodman’s Bridge, hoping to find the rest of the party and tell them about this recent development.

During their search for Delin, Ignus and Leanna find their way to the Goodman’s Bridge, where they see Adachi standing on a small wooden crate and attempting to calm an angry crowd. Several guards have been stationed around the bridge and instructed not to allow anyone through, thanks to the recent attempted kidnapping and assumed murder of Dara Qualue. One individual stands out in the crowd – a young boy, no more than fourteen years of age, wearing a brown trench coat, and beside him, a large, quadrupedal, fur-covered beast with tusks and a single massive talon where each of his hands and feet would be. Although the rest of the group is still relatively under control, the boy’s angry, high-pitched insults can be heard above the crowd.

Ignus walks to Adachi in the middle of the group and tells him that he’ll calm the mob of people trying to cross the bridge. Adachi responds by stepping down off his crate and asking Ignus to talk to the young boy with the strange beast, fearful that his insults will turn to violence. Although he is unsure of whether or not the beast will attack him, Ignus goes to the young boy, who introduces himself as Samson Araios, a member of the noble Araios family. The two talk about Samson’s reasons for being so upset, and Ignus learns he is simply sick of the guards in the city who pretend to have power, and that he wants to get to the bottom of the recent murders. Although Ignus states that he also shares Samson’s frustration and wants to help him, the boy refuses to agree unless he can prove that he has the power to change the city.

Ignus responds by turning to the guards guarding the gate, and setting himself and his armor on fire. The people around him immediately move away, and he calls out in a loud, clear voice, “Open the bridge!” Unsure of what to do and startled by the power behind his proclamation, the guards move apart and allow people to cross. Leanna gains a newfound respect for Ignus, and she notices that her light begins to glow a faint blue when she is around him. The party follows the moving people across the Goodman’s Bridge, where they meet Delin and learn of their new deadline for solving the murders and begins to formulate a plan.


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