Jonathan's Numenera Game

A Noble's Armor at a Noble's Price

The next day, the party goes over the information that they’ve collected, and heads over to Mishen’s Masterworks to continue their investigation. They find his shop in the center of town, with the unmistakable clanging of his hammer striking metal resonating throughout the markets. Athough he appears to be in the middle of forging a weapon, Ignus walks up to him and begins asking questions. Mishen quickly interrupts him and says that the his waiting list is hanging from the post in the front of his shop, and that he can write his name and order at the bottom of the list.

As he moves away from Mishen to ponder his next move, Ignus sees two men approach Mishen and begin speaking in an angry tone. The larger of the two men, with a greatsword strapped to his back, says to Mishen, “Hey, you got that sword ready yet? I paid a lot of money for it, and a lot more to get past your stupid waiting list, so I better see that sword in my hands right now!” Mishen replies that his sword will be done tomorrow, and rushing the sword in this state would only decrease its quality. The smaller man addresses the larger as Drune, and agrees with Mishen in a high, scraping voice. Although Mishen’s requests are more than reasonable, the two men refuse to leave, so Ignus moves to try and convince them that even though he also has business with Mishen, interrupting him in the middle of his work would be rude, and that they should return tomorrow when the weapon is completed.

Although the larger man scoffs at Ignus’ words, the smaller appears to listen, and repeats to Drune that they should return tomorrow after heading to the hospital and checking up on Qualue’s widow. The two men walk out of the store, leaving Ignus and Mishen alone. Mishen turns to Ignus and says that although he had the situation firmly under control, he still appreciates the assistance, and asks what business Ignus had with him. ignus explains that he would like a set of armor for Delin and himself, and that he is also here under the order to Constable Frei to ask him what he knows about the recent murders. He learns that Mishen has indisputable evidence that Orellik is the murderer, and wants Ignus to give his testimony to the Frei in order to make sure his testimony is taken seriously, and in response, he will be happy to craft Ignus’ armor at a cheaper cost and move his order to the top of the waiting list. While he understands that his testimony is valuable, Ignus responds that he would prefer to gather more information before convicting Orellik, inadvertently infuriating Mishen by saying that he wasn’t going to execute a man based solely on his word alone. Mishen repeats his offer, and asks that Ignus leave and return only when he is ready to accept his testimony as truth.


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