Jonathan's Numenera Game

One Last Chance

Understanding that they have only a few days left, the party splits up to cover as much ground as possible. Delin goes to the Wayward Tavern, in hopes of finding Orellik or more information about his whereabouts. Leanna heads to the shop of Om the Osbergian, one of the witnesses pointed out by Constable Frei, and Ingus goes with Armiger to inspect the Goodman’s bridge for any clues they may have missed before.

Delin goes to the Wayward Tavern, crowded during this time of day, and finds that the conversation has turned to the events at the Goodman’s Bridge earlier today. He starts asking around about Orellik, and meets someone by the name of Rollo, who agrees to take him to Orellik, under the condition that he work to clear his name. Rollo takes Delin to a hideout under the River’s Edge Tavern, where he finds Orellik and learns that Orellik couldn’t have possibly committed the murders as his left arm has been rendered completely unusable. Although Orellik is hesitant to go public with this information as it would mean an end to his mercenary days, Delin convinces him that he still has a life with Salazia, and that with this information, he’ll be able to clear his name. With clear proof that Orellik could not have been the killer, Delin goes back to Magellan’s Estate to wait for the others.

Leanna goes to the shop of Om the Osbergian, hoping to find out what he knows. What she shes is a strange, pale, seven-foot tall man with six appendages on his hands and feet, sitting cross-legged in front of a glass display case filled with mechanical oddities. She asks about Frei, and despite some communication issues, Om eventually takes her to the back of the shop to talk. As she tries to ask about what he knows about the murders, she gets increasingly frustrated as Om continues to speak in nonsensical sentences and roundabout riddles.

He begins speaking about a story from his youth, a story of a young man and his bridge. He says that there was once a man, a good man, and the man loved the bridge, and the bridge was happy. But time went by, and the man grew older, and the bridge was often alone. One day, the man came by and the bridge said to the man, "Come, man, come and walk across me and be happy. The man began crying, and said to the bridge, “My house burned down and my family is dead, I will dismantle you and build a new home and a new family.” The bridge pleaded with the man, begging him not be so hasty. The man grew more angry, and the bridge cried out, “Please, no! I’ll give you my secrets! Just don’t take me apart!” The man cried out in rage, demanding the bridge’s secrets, and the bridge sobbed as it told the man about a hidden panel on the side of one of its pillars, leading to a secret that would allow the man to build a new home.

Om finished his story about the bridge, and although Leanna was stunned by the story, she slowly made her way back to the estate, wondering if there was a hidden meaning to his message.

Ignus takes Armiger from the mansion to the Goodman’s bridge, in the hopes of having him find anything that was missed the last time they investigated it. Ignus spends about thirty minutes searching the bridge, looking at every nook and cranny. Eventually, as he looks under the bridge, he sees a panel in one of the pillars slide open, and a large purple snake with tentacles behind its head emerge and start slithering towards him. He moves to engage, calling out for the guards on top of the bridge to come down and help him. The snake immediately grapples ignus with its tentacles, but he sets himself on fire and singes the tentacles off of him. The creature, facing resistance, turns around and slithers back up the pillar and into the opening. Ignus immediately hurls his axe at the opening to try and prevent it from closing, and yells to the guards to grab the rest of the party, Frei, and Adachi, with the hopes of showing them the true culprit behind the recent murders.

When everyone arrives, Ignus explains the situation, and the party elects to enter the pillar and chase down the creature that attacked them. They climbed up to the opening, and found a ladder leading down deep into the labyrinth of pipes underneath Jyrek. However, they underestimated just how extensive the network was, and spent several hours wandering around before finally returning to the entrance. With the knowledge that the labyrinth would be a far greater trial than they ancipated, they returned to the mansion to rest and prepare for the following day.


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