Jyrek, the city of nobles. A large, circular city housing around 30,000 people. Protected by both its distance from anything worth visiting, and its massive walls constructed of redstone, limnelwood, and electrified synth, Jyrek is a home to many individuals who value their security.

The city has four main entrances. Gates located to the north, south, east and west lead to the city’s main thoroughfares. In the center of town is the city’s main shopping center, full of merchants peddling their wares. To the north, across the Goodman’s Bridge, lies the Silver District, where the rich and prosperous keep their mansions. And in the south, the Puddles provide a gathering place where the less fortunate can escape the ever watchful eye of the nobles. The most peculiar, and incomprehensible of its landmarks, however, is the large, thirty-foot tall, white egg that hovers a few feet in the middle of a hundred foot wide crater in the center of town, tied down by a series of massive chains wrapped around it.

Jyrek does not have a major governing body. Rather, the laws and legislature, as well as the police force, are all under the control of the nobles. As a result, it is almost impossible to convict a noble of any wrongdoing, and anyone who caught a noble in the act of murder might find themselves on the end of a noose instead. This extends to visiting nobles as well. Anyone who can prove their noble birth is treated with the utmost respect in Jyrek.

The city’s main export is agriculture, and as a result, its main occupation is farmer or peasant. Those who are not part of the nobility are tasked with ensuring that the nobles are fed and well-cared for. The city’s major import is luxury goods, and the nobles are willing to pay premium prices to make sure that their silken pillows and hand-carved furniture are delivered to them on time. Despite its distance from any ports or trade-hubs, merchants come from all over the country to unload their goods at ten or twenty times their worth.

Notable People:
Constable Frei
Count Magellan
Om the Osbergian
Samson Araios

Count Magellan’s Estate
Goodman’s Bridge
Jyrek Central Hospital
Abandoned Warehouse


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