The Arakkoa are an ancient race of bird-like humanoids native to Navarene. They have brightly feathered bodies in a veritable rainbow of colors, hooked beaks, clawed hands, taloned feet, and an erectile crest of feathers on their heads. They wear ragged cloaks about their bodies.
it is said that the Arakkoa were once a mighty people, with an empire spanning throughout Navarene and beyond. and while the population of Arakkoa might be only a few thousand today, the historical texts kept by the Order of Truth show them as having a population many hundreds of times their current number.

No one is sure what caused the decline of the Arakkoa. The Arakkoa were once truly fearsome in battle, capable of a level of tactics and strategy that bordered on precognition. Many say that their empire simply grew too large too quickly, and they were too spread out to defend their conquered lands effectively. Others believe that a disagreement between factions led to a full-scale civil war. Still, regardless of the circumstances, it is undeniable that the Arakkoa today are barely a shadow of their former selves.

The Arakkoa are primarily used today as slaves, providing the manual labor required to sustain Navarene’s exceptionally profitable lumber export. They live in families of 4-6, and are so far spread throughout Navarene that one family may never encounter another. They show no hint of the terrifying battle prowess and mental faculties that they once displayed, having been reduced to unintelligible beasts over the millenia of decline and eventual captivity by other races.

The largest concentration of Arakkoa can be found around Bodrov, where the Emol family employs a great number of them to work the forests around the Westwood. The Arakkoa that are kept by the Emols seem more capable than many others, either as a result of training or some other unknown factor. They display an understanding of their surroundings and a mental awareness unlike those in other areas. unfortunately, the Emols refuse to let the Order study the differences in these Arakkoa, writing the changes off as a result of their own personal teaching.


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