As a child born into the mystical customs of the village of Velika, It was never any question that Leanna would stand apart from the mundane people of the Ninth World. What was unexpected was how much she stood out from even those who would share her strange and unique abilities.

During the Ritual of Awakening that all people of Velika undergo, she rejected her past life and had her inner being torn apart, only to be reborn into a creature of immense power and potential. The ancient deities that preside over the village of Velika saw fit to embed within her with a small bioluminescent crystal, a shard of pure sunlight, and in doing so, granted her power beyond that of many others who had undergone the ritual. Still, as a newly created Daughter of the Sun, her powers were untested, and so she was sent to be trained in the ways of the Velikan Mystics alongside other children who had also gained such abilities.

She was taught to manifest and control her abilities by Bassam Tiras, Headmaster of the Gakuen Academy for Gifted Children, and she proudly stood head and shoulders above the others. She made no effort to disguise her true abilities, which drew the respect of her instructor, and the hatred of her peers. As a result, she was constantly bullied by several of the other students, led by a dark-haired boy named Derek.

Eventually, tensions between Leanna and Derek erupted, after Leanna easily overcame Derek in a tournament meant to test and display the student’s mystical abilities. Despite violence being forbidden at the Academy, Derek attacked Leanna in front of the main school building, hoping to prove the strength of his abilities through combat. Their battle drew a crowd of nearby students, none of whom were surprised when Leanna defeated him and left him unconscious on the ground.

Still, few expected her to continue attacking. Some of the onlookers cheered her on, while others watched on in horror as she delivered blow after merciless blow, despite Derek having long since lost the ability to fight back. She was only stopped by the firm hand of the Headmaster on her shoulder, who dispersed the crowd and called for attendants to see to Derek’s injuries.

Later that night, Leanna was called into the Headmaster’s office. As she sat down in front of his desk, he began speaking.
“Leanna, there is nothing more that I can teach you here. You’ve already demonstrated a mastery of your abilities far beyond what I would have expected, and you will only continue to grow. I believe that experience will be a better teacher for you than I will, and it is because of this that I send you off.”
He motioned to an attendant who carried on him a large pack, full of supplies and equipment, and explained that her possessions had already been packed up. It would not do her any good to remain here, so she was to leave the school at once in search of greater challenges. Obediently, she took the pack and set off east towards the Beyond, where she had heard stories of a brilliant light-show dancing in the sky.


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