Delin Drast


Delin was one of thirteen children, trained and educated as part of an experiment to create the next step in the evolutionary history of mankind. The children were artificially conceived, each having their genetic code altered in a way that would result in unique, but sustainable mutations. These altered human beings were then subjected to intense physical and mental training, in order to manifest their abilities and prepare them every possible situation they would find themselves in.

As the result of an experiment meant to create the ultimate human, Delin was a spectacular failure. He was violent, impulsive, prone to fits of both impressive intelligence, and raging idiocy. He had the mental capacity of a small animal, and attempted to overcome every single obstacle placed in front of him by head-butting it. Still, despite his obvious shortcomings, he excelled in physical training. His skin was exceptionally tough, and his constant sweating made him very difficult to subdue. In addition, his dense skull proved even more lethal than a bladed weapon, when wielded correctly, and his mutations granted him a rudimentary ability to control his local gravity, allowing him to propel himself at any nearby targets.

Still, his physical prowess did not earn him the respect of his peers, and he tried to prove his worth the only way he knew how to – by repeatedly head-butting them.When this failed to produce any positive results, he resolved to spend his time focusing on improving his strengths, rather than catering to the expectations of his educators.

After years of learning about the world from within the white-washed walls of a hidden research facility, Delin and the others were finally ready to experience it for themselves. They were each given an important task, with the hope that by completing it, they would change the course of history for better or for worse. Delin, however, promptly forgot his, and spent his days aimlessly head-butting his way through the vast Beyond.

Delin Drast

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