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Welcome to Velika, City of Mystics

Three days after leaving Jyrek, the party arrives in the quiet town of Velika. Leanna notes that not much has changed since she was last here several years ago, and leads the party to her old school in hopes of finding more information about her missing Shard of the Sun. They wander the halls for a time before meeting one of the faculty there, a red-haired middle-aged woman named Celana. The party notices her unusually calm and expressionless demeanor, but pays it no mind as they ask her to take them to Bassam Tiras, the headmaster of the school.

Celana takes them to the third floor to a ornate set of carved, wooden double doors, etched with faintly glowing runes, and informs the headmaster that one of his old pupils has urgent information and has come to speak with him. After she mentions the name Leanna, the headmaster seems to pause, but he welcomes them in after a time. Celana leaves after the party enters the headmaster’s office, and he invites them to sit down in front of his desk. Leanna begins by explaining to him that the Shard of the Sun bestowed to her during the coming-of-age ritual has been stolen, and that she has come here in search of a way to restore or recover it. Bassam replies he is very surprised to see that she has returned, and that he didn’t recognize her thanks to her physical changes. Unfortunately, he has no idea how to restore her lost shard, and although her appearance has changed, he hopes that she can continue to live a healthy life without the use of her powers. However, while he speaks, Delin and Leanna notice that he appears to be hiding something, but do not press him for a reason why.

Leanna leads the party to her parent’s house, where she knocks on the door. A middle-aged woman appears and immediately flings open the door, shocked to see her. The woman calls for her husband and exclaims that the daughter that they thought was dead all these years has returned. Surprised by this new information, the party enters, where they learn that several years ago, when Leanna was still attending school, she fought another student that had bullied her. Unfortunately, the wounds she inflicted were ultimately fatal, and the student died later that night. Because of this Leanna was sentenced to death, and that her mother and father were informed by the headmaster that their daughter had been executed for her crimes.

Leanna, however, was told a different story by the headmaster, about she has surpassed his ability to teach her, and that she should leave immediately for new lands to hone her power. Realizing that the headmaster had lied to her parents, she goes back to him to learn the reason why. Leanna and Headmaster Bassam have a long chat about that night, and the motives behind it. He reveals that although she was sentenced to death, he couldn’t bear to see her killed, due to their close relationship as mentor and mentee, and a disgust at seeing such potential go to waste. Because of this, he sent her into exile and told the others that she had been punished with death. However, he has regretted his decision ever since that since, because the combination of her incredible destructive power, and her clearly brutal and sadistic personality, could only lead to the deaths of many others, deaths that would stain his own hands with blood.

He confesses that he hired a passing adventurer to remove her Shard of the Sun. Because he was torn between killing Leanna and losing one of his pupils, or allowing her to live and potentially dooming many others, he jumped at the adventurer’s offer, who said that he could remove the source of her power without killing her, and that she would be able to continue to live. After the Shard was removed, the adventurer returned it to him for safekeeping, and he plans to keep the Shard despite Leanna’s requests to return it. He offers Leanna two choices – forget about her abilities and live the rest of her life as a normal person, or undergo the ritual of Self-Cleansing, with would leave her with her power, but remove all emotion and sense of self. This path would force her to remain in Velika as an educator at the academy, but would leave her with her powers and life intact.

Displeased with both options, Leanna returns to her parent’s house to discuss her future with Ignus and Delin.


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