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The Mechanized Tomb

The party heads into Queen Starloscet’s Tomb, where they first encounter a room filled with various kinds of traps meant to deter grave robbers. Delin notices several pressure plates in the floor, as well as indents in the floor, walls, and ceilings. He hovers over the floor plates, and opens the door at the end of the room, only to have several large rocks fall from the ceiling onto him. He takes a few hits to the head, but otherwise appears unharmed, and moves into the next room. Ignus activates the artifact on his boots and launches himself over the pressure plates and into the room ahead. Leanna, however, ends up stepping on a plate, causing several arrows to launch from the walls and hit her, which also causes her to tumble forward into a deep pit filled with spikes. She eventually manages to climb out while Delin and Ignus inspect the next room, They find an old sarcophagus with a decayed female skeleton wrapped in tattered cloth, and a number of gold pots, silver boxes, and leather bags that appeared to once hold treasure. Ignus, however, notices that the containers in the room appear to be made of clay, and only painted to appear valuable.

Delin notices that the back wall of the room appears to be much thinner than the rest of the room, and as Ignus strikes it with his axe, he falls through into the next room – a thin, long corridor covered in pressure plates. Delin trips the pressure plates with Spikey, and as he does , panels in the walls open and large wooden spears shoot out and cover the length of the hallway. To combat this, Delin rolls Spikey down the long corridor, and Ignus chops down the spears as they fire,, until the party finally reaches the end of the hallway. and finds themselves in a large, metal room covered with ancient blood stains. in the center of the metal room is a large while pillar with large, vertical plates attached to the pillars north, south, east and west sides. Leanna moves to investigate the pillar and plates, but in doing so, accidentally steps in front of the western plate. The plate shoots out at an incredible speed, and she barely has time to even think before it crushes her against the wall.However, Delin and Ignus notice that the plate returns to the pillar fairly slowly, and so they run behind it as it retracts, pulling the flattened body of Leanna behind them towards the exit of the room. As they sit in front of what appears to be an elevator, they take a moment to rest and nurse Leanna back to consciousness.

The party enters the elevator and descend deep underground. When the reach the bottom, they step out and the elevator returns to the surface, leaving them no way of calling it. They find themselves in a room full of faded plaster murals, and a single glass disk floating a foot above the ground in the center of the room. The disk appears to have some kind of liquid on it, and as Leanna touches the top of the disk, clear liquid begins flowing from the top of one of the walls, disappearing as it reaches the floor. The liquid displays faces of various creatures morphing into one another, first a man, then an insect, then a bird. The faces speak in words that none of the party understands, and after experimenting with the glass panel for a little longer, they move on. They come across a large set of metal doors, firmly fitted together in a way that makes prying them open all but impossible. After spending some time finding a mechanism to open the doors, they return to the double doors and look inside.

Inside the metal double doors is a beautiful, black and white tiled gallery untouched by time. The walls are covered with a red fabric, and several paintings are hung along the walls every few feet. In the center of the room stands an immaculate white marble statue of Queen Starloscet, The party approaches the statue in the middle of the room, causing its eyes to begin glowing with a bright white light. The statue begins speaking in a angry tone – “Flee now while you have your life! It is the only treasure worth keeping.” Suddenly, the statue fires several beams of light at the party, forcing them to retreat into the previous room. Ignus takes a shield with the Queen’s emblem that they collected earlier, hides his head behind it, and moves back into the room. As he approaches the statue, he being strafing along to its right, realizing that the statue takes no notice of him as long as he keeps the shield up. He beings taking down the paintings with emblems on them and throwing them to the rest of the party, who hold them up and move into the room. After several minutes of slowly inching around the statue with their bodies shielded by paintings, the party makes it to the next room.

The party finds themselves face to face with a massive chasm, and a single rope bridge spanning its length. The party studies the bridge for a while, before Delin simply decides to hover over to the other side. Unfortunately, no one was able to detect that the bridge was rigged to collapse, and as Leanna took the first step onto the bridge, it fell apart, sending her hurtling into the darkness below. Ignus tried to reach out and stop her before she fell, and although he was able to grab onto her, he lost his balance in the process and tumbled into the chasm. Delin went in after them, and he found that also Ignus’ armor had managed to soften some of the fall. Leanna had struck the ground head-first, and her skull had been smashed wide open. Recognizing that their ally had breathed her last, Delin and Ignus endeavored to find a way to restore her, assuming that they could get out of the deadly tomb themselves. They climbed out of the chasm, and continued on, taking her body with them.

Eventually, Delin and Ignus find themselves in a dead end room. The room itself was barren and metal, and contained two strange devices. One, an upright, black cylinder capable of holding a person, and the other, a mass of tubes, wires, and glowing green pods in the center of the room. Unable to determine the purpose of the green pods or the various tubes stretching from the machine into the floor and ceiling, Delin stepped into the black cylinder and immediately pushed one of the two buttons inside. Ignus saw Delin vanish in a bright beam of light, and sat down to rest and contemplate the realities of his new life alone.

After several minutes, Ignus decided to follow Delin, and stepped inside the cylinder. He found himself transported into a short corridor, and saw Delin standing a few dozen feet ahead in the middle of an untarnished white marble throne room. As he entered the room himself, Ignus saw a brilliant white marble statue of Queen Starloscet, a marble sarcophagus in the center of the room with a golden plaque attached tto the cover, and a large chest against one of the walls. The plaque on the sarcophagus read “Here lies Queen Starloscet, greatest monarch of Thaemor, just, wise, and beautiful, who loved her subjects as her children.” Convinced that they had finally seen through the tomb’s multiple decoys and traps, Delin and Ignus immediately began looting everything that wasn’t nailed down.

They found several priceless treasures that were buried with the Queen, as well as a few cyphers and artifacts that had once belonged to her. However, they did not manage to find the Impossible Blade, which was the entire reason that they had entered the tomb, and so they pressed onward. The only exit to this room a corridor protected by a bright red force field, and the control panel for it laid behind the field further down the corridor. In a stroke of genius, Delin pulled out a cypher that allowed them to teleport small objects, and teleported Spikey onto the control panel, where it landed on the button that deactivated the force field. The two continue past the force field, where they encounter three glowing orbs of light in various colors. Delin recalls something he learned long ago about these creatures. Known as Erulians, they are beings of pure energy that can survive in almost any environment. They have incredible psychic abilities, but are unable to affect living creatures while in their energy form. However, each one has a distinct physical form, and while physical, they can both attack and be attacked. Delin and Ignus ignore these creatures, taking care not to disturb them, and continue further into the tomb.

Finally, they reach a large open room, with a catwalk leading from one side to the other. The floor appears to be dozens of feet below the catwalk, and shrouded in darkness and mist. The walls and ceiling of the room are made of metal bent at strange angles, and that reflect and absorb varying spectrums of light, giving them a kaleidoscopic look. On either side of the catwalk are six metal platforms with large Erulians hovering above them, and with tiny metal spindles descending from the ceiling above them. Ignus tries speaking with the erulians, but they appear to be deep in a meditative trance, so the party moves across the catwalk into the next room.

They reach a cathedral, where they find a large, green, erulian, floating above a metal platform with dozens of spindles hanging from the ceiling. It addresses the party in a soft, deep voice. “I am the Master. The People know me as Aurturi.” He questions the party about why they have come so far, and Ignus explains that they had originally come in search of the Impossible Blade, but that it was no longer required now that Leanna was dead. Remembering that Aurturi was the Velikan god of death and reincarnation, Ignus asks the Master to restore Leanna to life, in exchange for his and Delin’s daily worship. They agree, and the Master teaches them the ritual of Obedience, and sacred hand signs and chants associated with it. He then transforms into his physical state, a huge green hornet, bloated and covered in boils and warts, with two sets of crooked wings incapable of flight, and a single stinger dripping with green poison. Delin places Leanna in front of him, and he impales her with his stinger, pumping her body full of liquid until every cell was full to bursting.

He informs Delin and Ignus that she will need to undergo a personal trial, and should she succeed, she will be reborn in the form that her mind most desires. Should she fail, she will not receive a second chance. With the hope that Leanna would be restored, Delin and Ingus also asked the Master for the Impossible Blade, since they would require it to remove the parasite if it still clung to her after her trial. He presented them the Impossible Blade, a short-bladed weapon made of pure light, capable of cutting through any substance with ease. He then returned to his energy form, and bid them farewell.

After a long and arduous journey, Delin and Ignus managed to return to the surface with the Impossible Blade, and the hope that they would still have a reason to need it. They had been told that should Leanna successfully complete her trial, her poison-bloated body would be reborn as a new being in a week. Now, there was nothing left to do but wait.



The Mechanized Tomb
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