Jonathan's Numenera Game

The Calm Before the Storm

The party spends the day running errands, and preparing to receive the nobles later in the day. Ignus wanders around town, and comes across a knickknack shop, full of small toys and oddities. He purchases a remote-controlled dragonfly for one shin, and heads back to the estate, where he spends time talking to the groundskeeper about the various exotic plants the Count Magellan keeps in his garden. Delin learns the ins-and-outs of how to be shady from his contact in Jyrek, Big Steve, and the influx of information that he never knew existed permanently changes his outlook on life. He resolves to give up his head-butting ways, and renames himself Delin Drast, in reference of the man whose belt inspired his new way of life. Leanna heads to a fancy dress shop and purchases a new yellow dress for the dinner tonight.

The dinner passes uneventfully, with the nobles in attendance lavishing praises onto the party, and asking for tales of their other adventures. That evening, Delin breaks into the basement of the estate, normally locked by a heavy metal door and keypad. He finds a small, underground room, full of pods containing nagaian sleepers and defenders. He finds that the room deep underground leads to the labyrinth of pipes underneath Jyrek, and decides to leave the pods undisturbed, heading back up to join the others and rest for the remainder of the night.

The next day, the party sets off to find Elos, the man with information about the Impossible Blade. They wander several miles outside of Jyrek, and come across a small, wooden hut surrounded by barren land, and with several large, reptilian creatures called chirogs patrolling it. As the party approaches, the chirogs attack, pouncing at the party and grappling them until finally, a small, wide-eyed, blue-haired man runs out of the hut and shouts to them in a language that the party has never heard before. As he walks to the party, the chirogs surround him and he tries to make himself as large and intimidating as possible. He demands to know what the party is doing on his land, and frequently switches between addressing the chirogs around him and the party. As he speaks, however, his words quickly switch from admonishing the party, to pleading to them to get him out of there, despite the fact that his tone remains as harsh and condescending as ever.

Understanding that Elos is being kept captive by creatures that cannot speak Truth, the party regroups and prepares to assault the chirogs head-on. Trying to catch them by surprise, Ignus sets himself ablaze and leaps into combat to strike one with his axe, but finds that the creatures’ sixth sense allows them to dodge attacks even from behind. Ignus quickly finds himself grappled and surrounded, and although his flames slowly burn the creatures around him, the creatures bite at every part of his body with razor-sharp teeth. As Ingus struggles with the creatures, Delin and Leanna pelt the creatures with knives and beams of light, picking them off one by one, until finally they finish off the last one to reveal a battered and unconscious Ignus.

Despite being released from his captivity, Elos goes up to the party nonchalantly, and refuses to thank them for their help, stating that he would have been fine whether or not the party had helped him. He does, however, let them know that the Impossible Blade was one of the relics buried with the ancient ruler of these lands, Queen Starloscet, and that her tomb is in a town several days north of Jyrek named Velika. He tells them of one of the Velikan’s deities, Aurturi, the god of death and reincarnation, and how each of the Velikan people undergo a ritual to replace their inner selves and receive the blessing of Aurturi. The party returns to Jyrek to rest after a difficult battle, and after completing their preparations, purchases several pack beasts to take them north to Velika.


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