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End of the Road

The choices laid out in front of her were clear. Choose to be reborn with her Shard of the Light intact, and potentially bring about the end of the world by her own hands. Choose to disappear into nothingness and allow an unknown, but impossibly powerful threat to go unchallenged and destroy everything in its way. Choose to be reincarnated as a new being and leave the future a hazy web of decisions yet to be made. Deep in her mind, Leanna knew that despite the consequences, she had already made her choice long ago, and was simply traveling the paths to learn about the futures that would not be. Leanna moved from the crossroads onto the Path of Light and Blood, revisiting the visions that foretold countless battles and victims, until she reached the mural at the end. Seeing the figure of Ignus in the mural, bound firmly by rings of light, Leanna dropped to one knee and quietly made a vow to herself that despite her decision to keep her powers, she would not let this future come to pass. She swore that she would use her abilities strictly for the good of others, in the hopes that by doing so, she could avoid the bloodshed that was painted so clearly in front of her. With a firm resolve, Leanna stepped through the mural and into the light.

When she awoke, she found herself in a room that was now covered from floor to ceiling in a viscous green goo. Looking around, she saw Armiger and her parents standing a few feet away from, now similarly covered in the slime, and around her, she could see the remnants of her old body which had apparently split in half when she had been reincarnated. As she tried to get up and apologize for the mess she had apparently caused, her parents ran over to her and began weeping profusely over the sight of their once deceased daughter. As she tried to console her parents, she also took the chance to examine herself. Her skin was once again glowing with a faint light, but she found that she had difficulty putting power into her muscles and standing up. In addition, despite her reincarnation, the parasitic creature that had attached itself to her back so many weeks ago was still firmly attached, completely undaunted by her week of being dead.

Before she had a chance to do a more thorough examination, Ignus opened the front door in a drunken stupor and stumbled inside. Leanna moved to greet him, even though she could not move any better than he could in his current state, and when she managed to get to him, he knocked into her and caused both of them to collapse onto the ground. Since Leanna could barely move, her parents moved Ignus off of her and onto the couch, and when she finally managed to get back up, she found Delin standing in the doorway, staring at the state of the room. Although she tried to ask Delin to help her clean up the room that she had so completely ruined, Delin simply hovered a few inches above the ground towards the stairs and up to the guest room that her parents had graciously provided, and locked the door. Now with both of her other party members indisposed, Leanna had no choice but to spend the rest of the night on the couch with Ignus while her parents and Armiger cleaned up the mess. She grabbed a few blankets from a nearby closet and awkwardly tried to cuddle with the snoring, drooling Ignus, who was so far removed from this usual nobility that he almost seemed like a different person entirely. As Leanna weakly picked up Ignus’ arm and draped it over her, she remembered the vow that she made while she was dead and promised to protect Ignus, even if it was from herself.

Morning arrived, and Leanna awoke to find that the combined efforts of Armiger and her parents had actually managed to return the room to a reasonable state. Although bits of goo still clung to the ceiling, they had worked to clear most of it away. Both Delin and Ignus had awoken, and she found that they were helping her parents with the rest of the cleaning, since they were planning on departing later that day, now that Leanna had been reincarnated. Noticing that she had awoken, Ignus sat down with her on the couch and explained the previous weeks events, and where they were planning to go next. He told her about the Headmaster’s potential plot to steal the abilities of students in the Academy, and that although he did not feel confident in confronting him now about it, they would return once they had removed the parasite from her back and see if they could find out more information about him. Their next destination, however, was an area of southwestern Navarene that had previously been pointed out by the Nagaian Matron Devola as containing a tower belonging to the Arakkoa that she had wanted them to destroy in exchange for her services. After they had finished cleaning and Leanna had said her goodbyes, the party left Velika and headed north for the border between Thaemor and Navarene, ready to face the challenges that lay ahead.


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End of the Road
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