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Dissension Among the Ranks

Leanna explains the situation to Ignus and Delin, both of with express their opinions about what she should do. Ignus argues that the headmaster has no right to keep her power from her, and that she should be free to live her life as she pleases. Leanna agrees with this, and begs him to speak to the headmaster on her behalf. Delin, however, states that her actions during the time that they have been together are clear evidence of her inner cruelty, and that giving someone like her the Shard would be a death sentence for many others. Although Delin will not think any differently of her if she regains the Shard, he agrees with the headmaster’s decision and refuses to help her recover it from him. The two spend the rest of the evening, not speaking to each other.

The next morning, Leanna returns to the school, where she spends the morning in the library in the hopes of uncovering more information. She comes across a book of genealogy, tracing the family histories of all of the villagers in Velika, and recording the results of each of their coming-of-age rituals. When she comes across her own history, she learns that she has been recorded as deceased, but what truly surprises her is that her family had a daughter before her named Illisen, who also received a Shard of the Sun, and who had also been killed. Although she was told that she was an only child, the book provided clear evidence that this was not the case. Flipping through the rest of the book, she learns that only four other people in the history of the village had received Shards of the Sun, and that having two in the same generation was unheard of.

Despite the fact that she learned about her older sister, she still did not gain any information that would allow her to avoid choosing between the two unpleasant options provided Headmaster Bassam. She returns to his office with Ignus, and confronts the headmaster about her deceased sister. The headmaster relents and tells her that her sister shared the same gift she did, but her power developed in a way that made her personality unstable and made her prone to wanton violence, and so she was sentenced to death. Ignus tries to convince the headmaster that the Shard should be returned to Leanna, since she was its original owner. However, the Headmaster quickly informs him that the laws that he is used to have no meaning here, since Velika is ruled by a headmaster, and not by any government or nobility. ignus tries to convince him to return the shard, stating that they need it in order to combat a power that could threaten the entirety of the world. Bassam, however, claims that to return the shard would be exchange one threat for another, and that given Leanna’s past actions, returning the shard would surely be worse.

Bassam does, however, recognize that the party is facing a threat that could potentially spiral out of control, and so offers to accompany them in order to learn more about this threat, and watch over Leanna. Although his past experiences have told him that people cannot change, he hopes to prove himself wrong and see Leanna become a person that he can trust with such destructive power. He asks the party for a day to set his affairs in order and plans to meet them tomorrow. Although Leanna protests, stating that she has indeed changed since she was here, Bassam refuses to listen until he has seen evidence of this with his own eyes.

After leaving the school, Delin returns to Leanna’s parent’s house, while Leanna and Ignus herself goes to visit the grave of her sister Illisen. Suspecting that her sister may not be dead, given that the headmaster had a history of leaving students alive when he shouldn’t, Leanna asked Ignus to dig up her sister’s grave so she could confirm her suspicions. However, Ignus was incredibly put off by her request to desecrate the grave of her own sister, especially since she did not seem willing to do it herself and instead asked someone else to dirty his hands, and left in a angry mood. Leanna indeed did not have the willpower to follow through and defile the grave, and left to return to her parent’s house. When she returned, she met Ignus, apologized to him, and kissed him on the cheek, in a strange and overly forced way of flirting with him immediately after asking him to defile a grave on her behalf.

Remembering about the tomb of Queen Starloscet, the party goes to ask Bassam if they can have permission to visit it and search for any clues about the Impossible Blade. They tell him that the blade is an important component in ending the threat that they face, and he agrees to allow them inside, provided that he can accompany them to ensure that they give it due respect. The tomb is a sacred religious landmark, the location where each coming-of-age ritual is held, and because of this, the party should take care while inside. They head north, past the graveyard, to an ancient mausoleum containing several statues of Aurturi and Queen Starloscet, and a massive circular hole with wooden stairs leading deep underground.

The party climbs down the stairs and finds themselves in the ritual chamber, a small room with a throne and statue of Aurturi behind it, a closed coffin in the center of the room, and an inscribed circle of runes on the stone floor surrounding the coffin. The walls are covered in murals depicting Queen Starloscet’s charisma and natural dominion of the sun, and as the party inspects them, Delin notices that the mural behind the throne has been cracked, and the brick wall behind it shows signs of a secret door. Using a cypher, the party tricks Bassam into leaving, and Delin manages to find a hidden switch in the coffin, opening the door in the brick wall, and leading deeper underground. He gathers the rest of the party, and they prepare to enter the Tomb of Queen Starloscet.


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