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Frei meets the party at Jyrek Central the next day, after the examination of Ignus’ wounds has been completed. After reading the report, he comes to the same conclusion that the party has – the creature underneath Goodman’s Bridge was the true culprit behind the murders. He apologies to Delin for accusing him, and recognizes the fact that he was about to accuse Orellik of crimes that he could not have committed. He tells the party that he appreciates the work that they’ve done for the city in putting an end to the murders, and hands them the twenty shin bounty set up for the capture of the killer. Ignus asks Frei to contact the families of the victims, and invite them to a dinner tomorrow night so that they’ll have a chance to speak with them before they leave and hopefully leave a good impression.

The party also learn more about the strange creatures they’ve been dealing with from the researchers in the hospital. They learn that the creatures, known as Nagaians, have several stages in their life cycle, all of which the party has encountered. The creatures start off as a pair, a nagaian sleeper and a nagaian defender. The sleeper is a small, purple snake, approximately 2-3 feet long, and it inhabits a birthing pod guarded by the hard-shelled nagaian defender. When disturbed, the pod releases the defender to attach to any offending creatures, preventing them from attacking. The defenders provide a temporary boost of physical strength, but their parasitic nature eventually overcomes the host, causing them to wither and die. When the sleepers mature, they awaken and leave the pod to hunt. This stage can sometime last for decades, and during this time the awakened sleeper is capable of higher thought, but is still constrained by the animal instincts to hunt and eat. The creature feeds and grows, and the older it gets, the more devious and cunning it becomes. Finally, the fully matured creature becomes a nagaian matron, capable of breeding and creating new young. These creatures are massive and capable of swallowing entire buildings whole, and they can live for hundreds of years. In addition, their intelligence is unparalleled, and they often hole up in out of the way places to conduct experiments on other creatures.

After Frei leaves, the party spends the rest of the day tying up loose ends around the city. They first go to Mishen’s Masterworks, where a very angry Mishen greets them. Ignus tries to placate the armorsmith by saying that although he might have something against Orellik, the true murderer was something else entirely, and that his testimony would have sentenced an innocent man to death. Mishen agrees, and admits that he didn’t really have evidence, he just disliked Orellik for reasons that he would not disclose. He decides that he will still craft Ignus and Delin some armor, and allows Ignus to choose a battle-axe from his showcase to replace the one lost during the fight against the disassembler. He tells them to come back in three days, when he’ll have the armor ready.

The party then goes to Salazia, where they find her finishing up her daily show. As the audience streams out of the building, the party enters and finds Salazia and Orellik on stage. Salazia seems very excited to see them, and tells them that she knows about what they did for Orellik and that although his mercenary days are over, they can finally begin their life together. The party asks her about the tasks that Devola gave them, and she mentions that there is a man by the name of Elos who lives in a small hut several miles west of Jyrek who knows more about the Impossible Blade. In addition, the gharolan that they need for the operation can be found in Harmuth, a coastal city far to the north. Finally, they ask about Leanna’s worsening eyesight, and Salazia reveals that the cause of it is because the source of her power, the Shard of the Sun that she bears, has gone missing, and that she might be able to recover it in her hometown of Velika.

After speaking with Salazia, Leanna returns to the estate, while Delin and Ignus head over to the Silver District to find Samson Araios. They find his small, two-story house, and he invites them in. The three of them spend time together playing bollyball, and Ignus gives Samson some advice on how to proceed with his life, since the murders that he was so adamant about solving have been closed. He convinces Samson that he has his whole life ahead of him, and that his noble title and desire to help others is not something that should be wasted. He tells Samson that he’ll speak to Frei on his behalf and see if he can’t get him a position in the guard, where his talents will be more useful.

Delin and Ignus leave him, and ask Frei to accept Samson as a new member of the guard, given his title and unique talents. Frei agrees to train him, and hopefully replace his second-in-command, who has gone missing since the events of the Goodman’s Bridge. With all of their questions taken care of, the party retires for the night and prepares for the day ahead.


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